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Death Eaters in Belfast clash with IRA
By Rita Skeeter.

A horrific clash of forces in Belfast last night led to the deaths of over 15 muggles, and the injury of hundreds more, in what is being called one of the most brutal attacks of Ireland by Death Eaters since the war began. Magic was used against brute muggle force, wands against guns, fists against hexes, as the staunch Northern Irish fought to protect themselves against the ruthless forces of evil. Torture, unforgivables and dark hexes were used against the helpless muggles, who had to wait almost an hour before Aurors appeared on the scene, with only a single wizard trying to defend them.

That wizard, who can now be confirmed as Hogwarts professor Dylan McHafferty, was horrifically injured in the brutal attack. Healers and a burly bodyguard protect the ward where Professor McHafferty lies, to protect from retaliation by Death Eaters. McHafferty, who originates from Belfast, was supposedly having dinner with a brother when the clash occured. How many other battles has Professor McHafferty been involved in, this reporter asks? His face shows the signs of war, wrinkled and scarred, and he certainly seems no stranger to diving into battles. Is he yet another member of the mysterious Order of the Pheonix? Only time will tell..
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