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Editorial piece in paid for advert space.

To the purebloods of this nation (and Mr Down, if that is his real name):

Mr Down raises some interesting points, I find, and a few things I will not deny. We are, and probably always have been in the minority. This I will not deny, as it is integral to the points I am about to make.

We are, as a minority, standing up for our rights, standing up for who we are and what is being marginalized by a society with increasingly loose values and principles. We are not ‘a small group of thugs’ and never have been. We are the voice of a people who have lost their way, a voice of people shoved to one side in society for the sake of modernity and nothing else. We are fighting a tyranny of the majority, which is what Mr Down is suggesting we should bow down to, is it? And you accuse us of attempts to institute mob rule? You accuse us of being prejudiced.

And yet? We have Aurors killing people caught up in the violence, we have poor Mr Burkes shop being forced to close down and he has done nothing bar his best for this society and this economy. He is not even remotely connected with what we do, as he rightly pointed out, and yet you attack him? An Auror, who for the sake of the editors, will go unnamed, killed a poor visiting friend of ours from Eastern Europe. Imagine the tales he would have taken home, imagine what his parents will have said, that they sent their fresh-out-of-Durmstrang son to come and visit some friends, and he comes back in a coffin. Imagine what they think of our society. You cannot blame this all on us.

Your accusations of prejudice are hypocritical at best, Mr Down. It is not through our actions, it is through people like you who believe that everyone else should be thrown to the dogs of the majority, for the sake of the majority, without consideration for anyone else. It is people like you that believe purebloods have no right to stand up for what is theirs, to stand up against such blatant abuse of majority rule. We have been acting purely for the benefit of this society for years longer than any of you have, we have a larger stake, economically, politically, and culturally than anyone else, in this society, and one which is being quickly eroded by people who cannot accept everything we have done for this country. We are part of the history of this wizarding nation. For centuries, we have been, and we always will be. We are not about to let that sense of history drop away, and we, in turn, will stand up and fight for what we love.

Because isn’t this what it all comes down to, ladies and gentlemen? What we love. I love my family. I love the wizarding prestige of this country. I love knowing who I am and what that means to me. I love being a wizard. I want my children to grow up being proud of being a wizard or witch. I want them to know like I do, what it means to be part of a family which means so much to this society. I do not want them to grow up in a world where they have to throw that away simply because some amorphous idea of the ‘majority’ says they are not allowed such pride, where the majority treats us like we have committed some grevious crime in defending what we love. I ask you, purebloods of this nation, do you want that? No, I didn’t think so.

And Mr Down, you may have the majority, but this is not a matter of numbers. This is a matter of principle. Principle will stand the stronger, even if numbers would stand longer.

Lots of love,
Your Conscience.
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