Daily Prophet (dailyprofiteer) wrote,
Daily Prophet

Editorial (as a leaflet stuck into copies of the Prophet)

An Open Letter to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his Followers

You are in the minority. I think it might be about time for you to open your eyes and wake up. There was at one point in time when the majority of the population actually believed your drivel, but now can't you see what's transpired? The opinion of the people have shifted. Where you were once our heroes now you're the antagonists! Reviled and hated and, most of all, distrusted.

We once followed you, and gobbled up your tales of prejudice and hatred. Blame the Muggles for all our problem? It seemed too easy. It's the fault of the halfbloods and Muggleborns that our society is crumbling? It just fit. And why not take the easiest route? Why not blame those different from us? After all, we're not the first society to do exactly that, to point the finger of blame towards anyone but ourselves. We greedily ate up your propaganda and those lies, and we let the fear grow.

We're afraid now, too afraid, and it has spiraled out of your control. Not to mention we hate you for what you've done. We hate you quietly though, because there are too many of us afraid to stand up to you. So we sit through the violence and the demonstrations, while our neighbours watch their houses burn and their children die, trying to tell ourselves that we truly believed in all this. We truly believed in this cause.

But what was the cause? What are we fighting for exactly?

And now we are so afraid we cannot even speak His name. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, we call him, or if we do have the audacity to say his name on the streets we are shushed. He and his cronies fill us with so much fear that we cannot even put his name into print! Does this sound like an innocent group of activists? Why could we not see these people for who they were before the start of war!

To those who have not realised this yet, I implore you, stand up to these men and women who make our lives hell. Can't you see that they are but a small group of thugs? They hide behind heavy words and large ideals, but they murder and they tear down and they will destroy us all before long. And to those men and women who I refer to, the ones in which this letter is meant for - we are out there. Those who will stand up to you and fight for what is truly right; and when we die, others will take our place.

You will not get away with what you have done. We will not allow the ruin of our society, our community, and our families. We will not roll over and let you run us down; we will fight, we will resist.

Remember, you're in the Minority.

Fitz M. Down (a concerned citizen)
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