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In the defense of Muggleborns and Halfbloods:
by Fitz M. Down

I do not know why I am so hated and feared. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just born.
I didn’t do anything to you.

Why do you stare at us on the streets? Why did you call us names during school? Why do you look down at us? Why do you cringe when we marry your sons or daughters? Why are our surnames any less important than yours?

There is the notion that we’re somehow inferior. There is terror in your hearts that maybe one day we’ll figure out we’re not second class citizens. You hope and you pray that we’ll stay far away from your world, even though by right it is our world too.

You blame the deterioration of society on us when you have no one to blame but yourselves.

This fear that has gripped the sensible lot of you is misdirected. You should not fear us. You should fear yourselves. You are the ones tearing this country apart looking for cause, not us.

If we are not pureblooded wizards, then we are nothing but dirt. How does the rest of the world justify its silence? You are the minority, not the majority, and yet we are the ones living under your influence and grandeur. We, the majority, suffer and meld ourselves to your will. You run our Ministry, you censor our press, you lie about the state of affairs.

Even now, there is the fear to name names.

Do not fear the Muggleborns. Do not fear the halfbloods. Wizards and Witches of the United Kingdom, fear the men and women looking to slaughter innocents!

If you must fear, fear the man responsible for these crimes again us. Against all of us. It is a crime in itself to bring chaos to our community, and each and every person should be offended by his audacity and hatred. If there is any love in your heart, you will find He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named* and his group of misguided followers irresponsible and wicked.

The murders will not stop. This has become a war, and it is your war as much as it is a war against us. Any war that harms a society and breaks the peace is a war against everyone living in that society.

I did not do anything to you to garner your hatred of me, yet I will fight to the death to keep this world which I love safe for you and your children.

*edited by Prophet staff
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