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British businessman dies in mysterious circumstances, Muggleborns blamed.

Taribo Zabini, 27, co-owner of Zabini and Sons Trading ltd, has died in tragic circumstances off the coast of Africa. His death is the latest in a string of tragic fatalities over the Christmas-New Year period, and the circumstances leading to his demise have been deemed suspicious in Ministry reports. Mister Zabini, survived by his wife, Lissa Zabini, and his newborn son, Blaise Zabini, was reported to have been in possession of a Dark Mark at the time of his death, supporting the claims that his death may not have been as accidental as some would wish for it to seem.

A muggle worker at the Sao Tome Ports reported seeing a dark figure in strange clothing, fitting the description of Mister Zabini, wandering the harbour at around 11pm on Saturday night, looking disorientated and very confused. Another worker also reported seeing two figures, both in strange dress, arguing and fighting, before one was pushed into the water, the other running away into the night. Mister Zabini's body was recovered in the early hours of Sunday morning, and taken to the Sao Tome Ministry of Magic for autopsy. Early Ministry reports suggest the involvement of a rogue vigilante organisation called the Order of the Phoenix, whose members are also suspects in the death of James Macnair, one of the finest classical composers of our time. The Order of the Phoenix has also been involved in the murders of several prominent purebloods, which leads many to believe that they are a group of disillusioned muggleborns wishing to gain revenge for crimes committed against them. With two warring factions fighting each other and the general wizarding population, it seems inevitable that death should occur in the least expected of places.

As Mister Zabini's wife and newborn child are left to grieve for their loss, this reporter can only hope that the Ministry of Magic is doing all they can to apprehend the murderer of Taribo Zabini along with members of the Order of the Phoenix. However, with the rising crime rate and fragile state of our society today, it seems as if the murder of a prominent wizard is the least of the Ministry's worries.

Article by Rita Skeeter, Obituary on Page 4.
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