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Letters of Outrage

Dear Sir,

The most recent announcements from our Minister, to be quite frank, are a disgrace, and only seem to set parts of our society against each other. Only last night, my next door neighbours; both purebloods of high standing in the community; hardworking and honest, not at all in the business of causing friction or making enemies, have become the most recent victims of the hysteria sweeping the nation. Rocks were thrown through their windows, someone wilfully damaged their front lawn, ripping up the grass, which I know they worked very hard on cultivating to that lovely shade of green.

Now, I do not know who perpetrated these attacks, but I have reason to suspect from the note left on the door, which was in such inflammatory and foul language, I do not want to repeat it here, for fear my letter would not be printed, that this was the work of some rowdy muggleborn youths. Did the Minister not anticipate this? If she didn’t, she must have been blind. I suspect that she did anticipate this and is fully in favour of turning society against purebloods, no matter if they are involved in these groups of radicals or not. If you ask me, the more she places the blame for tension within our society firmly at the feet of purebloods, the more it will become a self fulfilling prophecy. She is only succeeding in alienating the people which, to be fair, her Ministry could do with the support of in dealing with radicals amongst purebloods. I cannot see anything changing, though, which concerns me about the state of today’s society, that wizards who are no more than a freak of genetics can treat families with centuries old heritage so badly.

I sincerely do think that purebloods in this country need to start paying attention to what is happening around them, before they become victims of attacks like my neighbours were, if not worse. Who knows what length these mudbloods will do with their supposed vigilante justice?

P. Froggatt of Leicester.

Dear Sir,

After reading P. Froggatt’s letter in yesterday’s Prophet, I felt the need to write in with my own concerns about the current situation and how it effects the way we work on a day to day basis.

It is all very well saying that this has turned some elements of wizarding society against purebloods, rather than against the purists, but it is important to remember how difficult it is for young Muggleborn wizards to differentiate between the two, if you look at the way they are treated at school and in society by purebloods, not only those radical enough to kill, but others two, who seem to think it is their right to get treatment at St Mungo’s first (which I have experienced first hand, when an old Muggleborn witch was suffering from some sort of poisoning was treated after a young, otherwise healthy pureblood with a broken finger), who seem to think it is their right to march around in schools like they own the place. How is a young Muggleborn supposed to tell the difference when they are discriminated against every day of their life? When every pureblood acts with such distain for the rest of wizarding society that they might as well be part of one of these groups the minister speaks of?

Why else, but this blatant prejudice, would the Aurors be dilly-dallying on hunting down Bellatrix Lestrange? Why else hasn’t a significant proportion of the Ministry’s budget been put towards that? Oh, perhaps because a significant proportion of the Ministry’s budget comes from these purebloods? Well, I say damn them and damn their money, it’s about time the Ministry acted in the way it was supposed to and started governing, rather than playing to these purebloods’ advantage.


D. Morgan, Cardiff.

Dear Sir,

After reading D. Morgan’s letter of yesterday, I was also compelled to reply in the strongest of terms. His letter was outrageously inflammatory and hardly accurate, to be honest. It is not the many decent purebloods’ fault that they are now being victimised in their own society. You are quite happy to blame purebloods for their own actions, as well as other people’s, but cannot swallow any of the blame yourself. After all, this society has been pandering to Muggleborns for far too long. It’s never their fault, is it? Of course not, they’re poor, disadvantaged youth.

Here’s an interesting story for you, then. There are just as many poor and disadvantaged purebloods in the world as there are Muggleborns. In fact, I know of one neighbourhood, full of hard working, respectable working class purebloods, which is being corrupted by muggle-lovers moving in with their Muggle partners/wives and in one case, another man. There are children in the neighbourhood, and what kind of example is this setting for them. This is an issue which concerns many of the residents there, but nothing is being done to resolve this situation. If you are saying the Ministry has an inherent bias, fair enough, but it most certainly is not towards purebloods.

M. Delaney, Liverpool.

((all actually written by me and Lucius, playing 'let's inflame the situation'! XD))
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