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(as seen on pg.4)
Hogwarts Falls From Grace

an article by R. Skeeter

As purist attacks increase in the wizarding community, many people are turning a blind eye to the horrors occuring within our own magical school. Frequent break-ins at night, a lack of authority and general chaos leave many students wondering just how safe Hogwarts has become for our young witches and wizards.

Last December, Hogwarts was broken into by one Bellatrix Lestrange, expelled from Hogwarts for several reasons, one being the use of unforgivables on another student. She was unaided, and destroyed many priceless items. During her escapades around the school, students were left in the dark, the only proper notification that she was in school, a scroll post by the Headmaster kindly asking her to get out of his school. Many students were scared, shocked and some were even unaware that such a dangerous person was in the building. Her break-in is just one example of how unsafe Hogwarts has become in the past few years.

Also occuring this year was the attack on the Head Girl, muggleborn Lily Evans. Innocently studying in the Library, Miss Evans was sent an anonymous package which hexed her so badly she couldn't attend classes for a whole week. Many speculate this attack was carried out by purists in Slytherin and Ravenclaw house, and it is not known if anyone was punished for this horrendous crime. Many assume, with the track record of the faculty of Hogwarts, it is most likely nobody was apprehended.

Hogwarts is reigned by chaos. The classrooms are regularly changed around, leaving many students disorientated and lost. Many cannot even find their classroom to attend class, leaving Hogwarts with few students passing at the highest level possible. Even when they do find a classroom, the professors are very imcompetent and some do not even know what they're talking about. One teacher frequently associated with incompetence, Arithmancy professor Abime Delame, is infamous for coming to class drunk or hungover. This is not appropriate behaviour for a teacher at one of the most prestigious schools in Europe, and many students ask how he has kept his job for such a long time. Herbology professor William McTammish, or Thundereagle as he prefers to be known, is so informal he could pass himself off as one of the house-elves.

With the standard of education and safety at Hogwarts dropping lower as the weeks pass, this reporter can only pray that no students are hurt as the Ministry refuses to take action against our next death trap.
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