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Death Eaters in Belfast clash with IRA
By Rita Skeeter.

A horrific clash of forces in Belfast last night led to the deaths of over 15 muggles, and the injury of hundreds more, in what is being called one of the most brutal attacks of Ireland by Death Eaters since the war began. Magic was used against brute muggle force, wands against guns, fists against hexes, as the staunch Northern Irish fought to protect themselves against the ruthless forces of evil. Torture, unforgivables and dark hexes were used against the helpless muggles, who had to wait almost an hour before Aurors appeared on the scene, with only a single wizard trying to defend them.

That wizard, who can now be confirmed as Hogwarts professor Dylan McHafferty, was horrifically injured in the brutal attack. Healers and a burly bodyguard protect the ward where Professor McHafferty lies, to protect from retaliation by Death Eaters. McHafferty, who originates from Belfast, was supposedly having dinner with a brother when the clash occured. How many other battles has Professor McHafferty been involved in, this reporter asks? His face shows the signs of war, wrinkled and scarred, and he certainly seems no stranger to diving into battles. Is he yet another member of the mysterious Order of the Pheonix? Only time will tell..
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In lighter, albeit certainly bizarre news, peacocks by the dozens have been reported missing from local area zoos. The Zoological Society of London tells the Prophet that the males of the species have all been 'birdnapped' from their Regent Park location, while the peahen population has been virtually left intact. This reporter looked into the magical properties of peacocks to find a possible answer for this strange mystery....
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Editorial piece in paid for advert space.

To the purebloods of this nation (and Mr Down, if that is his real name):

Mr Down raises some interesting points, I find, and a few things I will not deny. We are, and probably always have been in the minority. This I will not deny, as it is integral to the points I am about to make.

We are, as a minority, standing up for our rights, standing up for who we are and what is being marginalized by a society with increasingly loose values and principles. We are not ‘a small group of thugs’ and never have been. We are the voice of a people who have lost their way, a voice of people shoved to one side in society for the sake of modernity and nothing else. We are fighting a tyranny of the majority, which is what Mr Down is suggesting we should bow down to, is it? And you accuse us of attempts to institute mob rule? You accuse us of being prejudiced.

And yet? We have Aurors killing people caught up in the violence, we have poor Mr Burkes shop being forced to close down and he has done nothing bar his best for this society and this economy. He is not even remotely connected with what we do, as he rightly pointed out, and yet you attack him? An Auror, who for the sake of the editors, will go unnamed, killed a poor visiting friend of ours from Eastern Europe. Imagine the tales he would have taken home, imagine what his parents will have said, that they sent their fresh-out-of-Durmstrang son to come and visit some friends, and he comes back in a coffin. Imagine what they think of our society. You cannot blame this all on us.

Your accusations of prejudice are hypocritical at best, Mr Down. It is not through our actions, it is through people like you who believe that everyone else should be thrown to the dogs of the majority, for the sake of the majority, without consideration for anyone else. It is people like you that believe purebloods have no right to stand up for what is theirs, to stand up against such blatant abuse of majority rule. We have been acting purely for the benefit of this society for years longer than any of you have, we have a larger stake, economically, politically, and culturally than anyone else, in this society, and one which is being quickly eroded by people who cannot accept everything we have done for this country. We are part of the history of this wizarding nation. For centuries, we have been, and we always will be. We are not about to let that sense of history drop away, and we, in turn, will stand up and fight for what we love.

Because isn’t this what it all comes down to, ladies and gentlemen? What we love. I love my family. I love the wizarding prestige of this country. I love knowing who I am and what that means to me. I love being a wizard. I want my children to grow up being proud of being a wizard or witch. I want them to know like I do, what it means to be part of a family which means so much to this society. I do not want them to grow up in a world where they have to throw that away simply because some amorphous idea of the ‘majority’ says they are not allowed such pride, where the majority treats us like we have committed some grevious crime in defending what we love. I ask you, purebloods of this nation, do you want that? No, I didn’t think so.

And Mr Down, you may have the majority, but this is not a matter of numbers. This is a matter of principle. Principle will stand the stronger, even if numbers would stand longer.

Lots of love,
Your Conscience.
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Editorial (as a leaflet stuck into copies of the Prophet)

An Open Letter to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his Followers

You are in the minority. I think it might be about time for you to open your eyes and wake up. There was at one point in time when the majority of the population actually believed your drivel, but now can't you see what's transpired? The opinion of the people have shifted. Where you were once our heroes now you're the antagonists! Reviled and hated and, most of all, distrusted.

We once followed you, and gobbled up your tales of prejudice and hatred. Blame the Muggles for all our problem? It seemed too easy. It's the fault of the halfbloods and Muggleborns that our society is crumbling? It just fit. And why not take the easiest route? Why not blame those different from us? After all, we're not the first society to do exactly that, to point the finger of blame towards anyone but ourselves. We greedily ate up your propaganda and those lies, and we let the fear grow.

We're afraid now, too afraid, and it has spiraled out of your control. Not to mention we hate you for what you've done. We hate you quietly though, because there are too many of us afraid to stand up to you. So we sit through the violence and the demonstrations, while our neighbours watch their houses burn and their children die, trying to tell ourselves that we truly believed in all this. We truly believed in this cause.

But what was the cause? What are we fighting for exactly?

And now we are so afraid we cannot even speak His name. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, we call him, or if we do have the audacity to say his name on the streets we are shushed. He and his cronies fill us with so much fear that we cannot even put his name into print! Does this sound like an innocent group of activists? Why could we not see these people for who they were before the start of war!

To those who have not realised this yet, I implore you, stand up to these men and women who make our lives hell. Can't you see that they are but a small group of thugs? They hide behind heavy words and large ideals, but they murder and they tear down and they will destroy us all before long. And to those men and women who I refer to, the ones in which this letter is meant for - we are out there. Those who will stand up to you and fight for what is truly right; and when we die, others will take our place.

You will not get away with what you have done. We will not allow the ruin of our society, our community, and our families. We will not roll over and let you run us down; we will fight, we will resist.

Remember, you're in the Minority.

Fitz M. Down (a concerned citizen)
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Child found murdered in Knockturn Alley, Order blamed (Friday).

A gruesome discovery met the co-owner of Borgin and Burkes this morning as they opened their front doors. The mangled body of three year old Phineas Ridgebit, grandson of Harvey Ridgebit, was discovered by Cepheus Borgin in the early hours of Friday morning, but was also discovered earlier by several alley cats. Phineas was only identifiable by his dental records, and many purebloods are protesting at the murder, calling it callous and only committable by a heartless monster…
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Talk of curfew as Crime rate sours, civil rights activists outraged (Thursday).
In a press conference today, Minister Bagnold announced the possibility of a curfew being imposed for all civilians today after a string of murders. Minister Bagnold, backed by Cornelius Fudge and Bartemius Crouch, called a curfew 'A way to offer people security and to weed out the bad seeds'. Glye Hyffer, renowned civil rights activist and activist, had this to say on the matter…
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From the Editorials....

In the defense of Muggleborns and Halfbloods:
by Fitz M. Down

I do not know why I am so hated and feared. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just born.
I didn’t do anything to you.

Why do you stare at us on the streets? Why did you call us names during school? Why do you look down at us? Why do you cringe when we marry your sons or daughters? Why are our surnames any less important than yours?

There is the notion that we’re somehow inferior. There is terror in your hearts that maybe one day we’ll figure out we’re not second class citizens. You hope and you pray that we’ll stay far away from your world, even though by right it is our world too.

You blame the deterioration of society on us when you have no one to blame but yourselves.

This fear that has gripped the sensible lot of you is misdirected. You should not fear us. You should fear yourselves. You are the ones tearing this country apart looking for cause, not us.

If we are not pureblooded wizards, then we are nothing but dirt. How does the rest of the world justify its silence? You are the minority, not the majority, and yet we are the ones living under your influence and grandeur. We, the majority, suffer and meld ourselves to your will. You run our Ministry, you censor our press, you lie about the state of affairs.

Even now, there is the fear to name names.

Do not fear the Muggleborns. Do not fear the halfbloods. Wizards and Witches of the United Kingdom, fear the men and women looking to slaughter innocents!

If you must fear, fear the man responsible for these crimes again us. Against all of us. It is a crime in itself to bring chaos to our community, and each and every person should be offended by his audacity and hatred. If there is any love in your heart, you will find He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named* and his group of misguided followers irresponsible and wicked.

The murders will not stop. This has become a war, and it is your war as much as it is a war against us. Any war that harms a society and breaks the peace is a war against everyone living in that society.

I did not do anything to you to garner your hatred of me, yet I will fight to the death to keep this world which I love safe for you and your children.

*edited by Prophet staff
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British businessman dies in mysterious circumstances, Muggleborns blamed.

Taribo Zabini, 27, co-owner of Zabini and Sons Trading ltd, has died in tragic circumstances off the coast of Africa. His death is the latest in a string of tragic fatalities over the Christmas-New Year period, and the circumstances leading to his demise have been deemed suspicious in Ministry reports. Mister Zabini, survived by his wife, Lissa Zabini, and his newborn son, Blaise Zabini, was reported to have been in possession of a Dark Mark at the time of his death, supporting the claims that his death may not have been as accidental as some would wish for it to seem.

A muggle worker at the Sao Tome Ports reported seeing a dark figure in strange clothing, fitting the description of Mister Zabini, wandering the harbour at around 11pm on Saturday night, looking disorientated and very confused. Another worker also reported seeing two figures, both in strange dress, arguing and fighting, before one was pushed into the water, the other running away into the night. Mister Zabini's body was recovered in the early hours of Sunday morning, and taken to the Sao Tome Ministry of Magic for autopsy. Early Ministry reports suggest the involvement of a rogue vigilante organisation called the Order of the Phoenix, whose members are also suspects in the death of James Macnair, one of the finest classical composers of our time. The Order of the Phoenix has also been involved in the murders of several prominent purebloods, which leads many to believe that they are a group of disillusioned muggleborns wishing to gain revenge for crimes committed against them. With two warring factions fighting each other and the general wizarding population, it seems inevitable that death should occur in the least expected of places.

As Mister Zabini's wife and newborn child are left to grieve for their loss, this reporter can only hope that the Ministry of Magic is doing all they can to apprehend the murderer of Taribo Zabini along with members of the Order of the Phoenix. However, with the rising crime rate and fragile state of our society today, it seems as if the murder of a prominent wizard is the least of the Ministry's worries.

Article by Rita Skeeter, Obituary on Page 4.
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Hogwarts Falls From Grace

an article by R. Skeeter

As purist attacks increase in the wizarding community, many people are turning a blind eye to the horrors occuring within our own magical school. Frequent break-ins at night, a lack of authority and general chaos leave many students wondering just how safe Hogwarts has become for our young witches and wizards.

Last December, Hogwarts was broken into by one Bellatrix Lestrange, expelled from Hogwarts for several reasons, one being the use of unforgivables on another student. She was unaided, and destroyed many priceless items. During her escapades around the school, students were left in the dark, the only proper notification that she was in school, a scroll post by the Headmaster kindly asking her to get out of his school. Many students were scared, shocked and some were even unaware that such a dangerous person was in the building. Her break-in is just one example of how unsafe Hogwarts has become in the past few years.

Also occuring this year was the attack on the Head Girl, muggleborn Lily Evans. Innocently studying in the Library, Miss Evans was sent an anonymous package which hexed her so badly she couldn't attend classes for a whole week. Many speculate this attack was carried out by purists in Slytherin and Ravenclaw house, and it is not known if anyone was punished for this horrendous crime. Many assume, with the track record of the faculty of Hogwarts, it is most likely nobody was apprehended.

Hogwarts is reigned by chaos. The classrooms are regularly changed around, leaving many students disorientated and lost. Many cannot even find their classroom to attend class, leaving Hogwarts with few students passing at the highest level possible. Even when they do find a classroom, the professors are very imcompetent and some do not even know what they're talking about. One teacher frequently associated with incompetence, Arithmancy professor Abime Delame, is infamous for coming to class drunk or hungover. This is not appropriate behaviour for a teacher at one of the most prestigious schools in Europe, and many students ask how he has kept his job for such a long time. Herbology professor William McTammish, or Thundereagle as he prefers to be known, is so informal he could pass himself off as one of the house-elves.

With the standard of education and safety at Hogwarts dropping lower as the weeks pass, this reporter can only pray that no students are hurt as the Ministry refuses to take action against our next death trap.